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Party Loyalist Led to Slaughter

Posted by burtf51 on October 10, 2008

I’ve been following the Election 2008 on Twitter. I’m here to tell you folks, this is scarey! Party loyalist are at each others throats like mad dogs. There is a feeding frenzy of party hatred. 

This makes me want to scream…WAKE UP PEOPLE…IT DOSEN’T MATTER WHO GETS ELECTED…GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM NOT THE SOLUTION! Our government has totally destroyed the worlds economy. Party politics and party bickering leads to no solutions. Party loyalist on both sides are like sheep being led to slaughter. If you think your party represents your best interest you are foolishly and blindly mistaken. Elected Congessmen and Senators no longer represent the wishes of the people. Politicians will promise you the moon to get elected. If we’re to believe all the garbage politicians have spewed out, we would be living in Paradise as opposed to the  conditions of today’s world! What happened to all the promises every politician has preached before each election?

If you be honest, you were probably against the bailout. Our government created this economic mess and spread it worldwide and it blew up in their (our) face and now they expect the citizens of America to trust the government to solve the very problem that they (the government) created. Sure, let’s make The Fox The Head of Security Over The Henhouse.

Party loyalist need to stop pointing fingers and placing the blame on the other party. Once again, WAKE UP PEOPLE, this has been building up for a long time and both, let me say that again…BOTH parties are to blame! If we don’t stand up as citizens and take back our country from the corrupt politicians we are ALL DOOMED TO LIVE IN A SOCIALIZED COUNTRY!

I  truly believe that most Americans want moral values restored, to live in a safe neighborhood where we don’t have to fear some sick pervert harming our children, do an honest days work for an honest days pay, worship GOD, insure that our children recieve an education that is not infused with fanatic liberal teachers pushing their social non-values on our children, be given a chance to prosper and live with honesty and integrity.

My friends we are living in a sick, sick, screwed up world. Our government is broken, the news media is totally biased towards far left liberals and their way of thinking, the Hollywood Stars are political experts, the so called conservative politicians are lining their pockets with gold, television and movies aren’t fit to watch, music promoting crime and violence, people sexually abusing children, abducting children, open homosexuality and lesbianism, baby killers, on and on and the sick socially, politically correct look at us like we’re freaks! My friend, these people are taking over our country and we are sitting back taking it.

It’s time independent thinking citizens stood up and say No More! I don’t know what the answer is but Dr King accomplished what many thought couldn’t be done by bringing the beast of the problem to the forefront. We as American citizens shouldn’t be afraid or ashame of standing up for our morals and values. Give me back my country! Are we going to let 1/3 of our country’s politically incorrect population  bring down the two-thirds that are morally conservative. You wanna get some attention…then how about a multitude of millions marching on Washington.


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  1. ellumbra said

    The best of luck to you – sincerely …

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