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Where’s The Money Coming From

Posted by burtf51 on October 16, 2008

Let me say this again “You can’t borrow yourself out of debt”! And this is exactly what our government with their not so brilliant thinkers are trying to do! Hell we’ll just print some more money and buy up all the bad debt we created. Crap we got to cover our butts some kind of way and take the focus off our greed and incompetence. What just blows my mind is why people are not rioting about this whole issue.

Our government created this problem!…is no one holding them accountable? The government has the audacity to make us bail out their ass! And on top of it, after they’ve screwed us one time, they gonna take some more of our hard earned money (to try and fix their mess) and screw us again. HELLOOOOOOOOOOO People! Wake Up! Idiots by the millions are screaming and chanting their candidates name because each candidate is making all these empty promises.

Where do you think Obama and McCain were while all this was happening? Well? For crying out loud, THEY WERE IN BED WITH THE REST OF THE CROOKS THAT CAUSED THIS MELTDOWN!!!

Obama and McCain will have you believe they are going to create millions of jobs, stimulate the economy, prosperity for all, give us all some money, provide health insurance, not raise taxes, fix all the mortgage mess, bailout all the corrupt institutions and homeowners that borrowed and bought homes and cars and whatever else they couldn’t afford to pay for, tax breaks, tax breaks and more tax breaks and also fight a war on terrorism. I’m sure there’s many many more promises I’ve forgotten, but those will do for now. Hmmmm, Where’s The Money Coming From? Couldn’t come from taxes cause everyone is going to get a tax break. Not industry because every item in any store is Made In China. I know…..the government will simply just print some more money! Heck, if they keep printing money like there’s no tomorrow maybe (Real Soon) the value of the Dollar will be a Penny!


One Response to “Where’s The Money Coming From”

  1. kaushal said

    still unable to get
    what is the cause of this depression and economic crisis

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