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Running On Empty

Posted by burtf51 on October 31, 2008

Didn’t Chrysler just face a meltdown a few years back? Chrysler has been going down the drain for quite awhile. Chrysler to the automotive industry is comparitive to what 8-tracks are to audio. Now GM wants to merge with Chrysler! This would be like a terminally ill person taking strychnine. Lets face it, to say GM has done a very poor job meeting the demands of consumers in the automotive market is an understatement. While GM is spending million developing their new muscle car (Camaro) foreign  auto makers are eating their lunch.

Just how many failed institutions and industries can the government bailout because of poor management? The government can’t keep giving borrowed money to mismanaged banks and businesses, with a philosophy of “The hell with the mule, just load the cart”. 

The days of America being defined as “Baseball, Apple Pie and Chevrolet” have given way to “Greed, Corruption and Illegal Aliens”

Our government is setting a great example in “spending what you don’t have”. The powers that be want the banks to start back making loans and encouraging more people to borrow money they can’t pay back. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that what got people into the shape they’re in. CHARGE IT BABY! Why does no one accept any fiscal responsibility?


3 Responses to “Running On Empty”

  1. whymrhymer said

    I agree — you’re absolutely RIGHT!

  2. Kevin said

    This is a generational problem, spendin too much. Parents didn’t teach their kids how to run a budget.

  3. Amen!!!

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