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Liars, Cheats, Thieves & Profundicators Of The Truth

Posted by burtf51 on November 2, 2008

Are the powers that be really as stupid as they appear to be? All our so-called brilliant economist and political figures have one thing in common…..they’re all IDIOTS! Night after night as I flip through the news channels, I am totally amazed at the expert guest and commentators arguing over economic issues. 

I listened to Bernanke the other night explaining the cause and effect of the housing crisis. How can someone talk for 30 minutes and say nothing. The more I listened the more my brain acked. Bernanke needs a job with the CIA. If a terrorist had to listen to Bernanke for 30 minutes, he would beg for mercy…Just please SHUT-UP…I’ll tell you anything you want to know!

Now all I know is….someone is lying, someone is cheating, someone is thieving and the truth is being profundicated!


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