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McCain & Obama…Who Should Be President

Posted by burtf51 on November 2, 2008

My opinion and 50 cents will get you a cup of cheap coffee. But back to the question…Who would be the best choice for President of the United States? “Clown’s to the left of me, Joker’s to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you”.

Political pundits on both sides will have you believe their candidate offers the best solutions that represent the best interest of American’s. I say this is all a bunch of hogwash! If it weren’t for the economic meltdown we would be faced with judging each Presidential Candidate on the basic platforms of each party.

The economic crisis gives us an indication of the Presidential candidates competency to lead our government. Considering that both McCain and Obama voted for the bailout, this tells me that neither candidate is capable of balancing their checkbooks, let alone balancing the budget.

So we start with Paulson’s 3 page solution to the economic crisis and then it get’s sent to the Senate and 451 pages later, we have an ingenous well thought out bailout….eruh…I mean an “Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008”. Hmmm, I have to admit…the latter name sounds much better than Bailout. I wouldn’t be surprised if either McCain or Obama had the time to actually read or examine the feasibility of this rushed plan of action, considering the fact that both were so preoccupied with their political careers! Nevertheless, both were eager to show the voters that they could step up to the plate on something so seriously effecting the nation and the world. Hey, it shows great leadership capability!

So why does both candidates YES vote to the bailout mean so much in terms of who’s qualified to become our next President?  Simple….Both McCain and Obama demonstrate their lack of leadership and reasoning by supporting a rushed feeble attempt by our government to repair, by it’s own doings, the collaspe of our economic stability and structure.

George W. Bush comes on television and lied about the root cause of the economic meltdown and tells us that we have no choice but to come to the aid of our failing economy in the form of a taxpayer bailout. That’s right…a taxpayer’s bailout. The government ain’t got no money to bailout their mistake. The corrupt politicians that have had their pockets stuffed with cash from lobbist that represent big business and Wall Street plus imcompetent CEO’s, investment bankers and mortgage companies are the only ones that will benefit from a bailout. Meanwhile the taxpayers suffer and foot the bill. and…and…and…yet…ole John and Barack voted YES TO THE BAILOUT!

Do you honestly think either of these candidates has your best interest in mind? I Think Not!

I am so sick and offended of hearing McCain and Obama talk to us like we’re children. People, let me tell you…these two (John Sidney McCain and Barack Hussein Obama)are Profe$$ional Politicians who have but one goal in mind……….POWER! and…..Not To The People!


3 Responses to “McCain & Obama…Who Should Be President”

  1. Jenn said

    Yup, but I’m still voting for McCain because Obama is a scum sucking bottom feeding radical leftist whack job. McCain, he’s just a Democrat.

    Hmmmm I voted for Hunter.

  2. […] So why does both candidates YES vote to the bailout mean so much in terms of who’s qualified to become our next President? Simple….Both McCain and Obama demonstrate their lack of leadership and reasoning by supporting a rushed feeble …[Continue Reading] […]

  3. April said

    I’m voting for Obama because I have fundamental issues with McCain’s policy ont he war and his treatment of and attituted towards women throughout his entire campaign. Not to mention I don’t trust his VP.

    that being siad, I agree completely with your final sentiments. We are not idiots. We are not children. This is not kindergarden. Although ridiculously biased towards Obama did you see 23/6’s synchronization of the three debates. The lined up the candidates speeches (yes speeches these were not debates) so they would play together to show it was a speech and not a debate.

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