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It’s Almost Over and The Winner is ME

Posted by burtf51 on November 4, 2008

and……I’m a winner either way it goes…..Yeaaaaaaa! Maybe now everyone can turn their focus towards something we can control.

If McCain wins, our the economy will be restored (so he says) and business will flourish and that will be good for me.

If Obama wins, I’ll get free health care and a welfare check and I can quit my job and live off the government.

Anyone know where I can get a welfare application?


4 Responses to “It’s Almost Over and The Winner is ME”

  1. Mike B said

    Hah.. You’re funny. How is McCain going to restore the economy? By continuing the failed trickle down economics of the Bush administration? Yep we’ve seen how great that has worked. Why didn’t I realize that before I voted?

    Damn! I voted for someone who wants to change the failed economics of the past 8 years what have I done?

  2. burtf51 said

    Oh I’m sorry, I meant to say that McCain promised to restore the economy and everyone know that profe$$ional politicians NEVER TELL A LIE!

  3. virgomonkey said

    You guys are so predictable. I hate to rain on your parade, but Liberals make more money than conservatives and the majority are the Jews you claim to love.

    I’m voting for Obama. I work. I work hard and pay taxes like any other American. I don’t plan to quit my job. And where you get that all Americans will be able to live off of welfare should Obama win is… to say that is pure hyperbole BS is an understatement.

    But go ahead and keep drinking that red kool-aid…..

  4. Len said

    Hope you’re ready to quit your job and good luck getting that free health care. Are you really quitting your job or are you just blowing hot air?

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