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This Is Getting Good Folks

Posted by burtf51 on November 23, 2008

Just please make up your mind! When this whole Bailout bill was enacted, the idea was to buy up the bad mortgages and help the irresponsible homeowners in despair. Then Paulson instead gives the money to banks. Then Paulson made a speech saying they had reconsidered their views and weren’t going to take over the toxic assets. Now as of this weekend, the treasury is fevershily putting together a plan to Bailout the Toxic Assets of Citigroup. 

Gosh, I’m confused…yes we are, no we’re not, well maybe we will, absolutely not, probably so, OH CRAP! 

Bottom line, as long as the idiots in our government keep stoking the fire that the economy is doomed unless they pour a gazillion dollars into banks, panic in the market will escalate. If the news channels stop covering the economic doom and gloom and the two idiots Bush and Paulson aren’t allowed to spew forth their nonsense bullshit on television the markets will stabilize.


One Response to “This Is Getting Good Folks”

  1. They weren’t lying about buying toxic assets, they just didn’t know that they didn’t know what the H they were doing! Now everyone knows they don’t know what the H they are doing!

    AND there’s more to come! Who the H are the people that vote these idiots (Dodd, Franks, Reid, Pelosi, etc.) into office?

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