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Economic Rescue Not Working

Posted by burtf51 on October 27, 2008

Does anyone really understand the working of the economic rescue package? I know the government told us that it was imperative that we bailout…eruh..I mean come to the rescue of our failing economy. Ninety per-cent of the voters didn’t like the idea, but still our congressmen and senators decided that it really didn’t matter whether we liked it or not, they would go ahead with plans to bailout incompetence.

The billions are being dispersed and maybe I missed it…but..I have yet to see where the bailout money is having any effect on the economy. With the exception of the portions of the bailout money that is being given to CEO’s salaries. I guess this money is stimulating and supporting the CEO’s lavish lifestyles. Let’s see..the investment bankers and Wall Street titans have raped Americans and our government is still rewarding incompetence with bailout money.


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Bailout Bullcrap

Posted by burtf51 on October 9, 2008

I rent a house and drive a 1998 Chevy Blazer. I have excellent credit and owe very little. I would love to have a new 4 wheel drive pickup and a house in the country but I know I can’t afford it.

So let’s see…some of our brilliant minds in Washington want to mandate the morgage companies to make home loans to low-income people so that they can have the Great American Dream of home ownership. Sure ain’t gonna get any resistance from the mortgage brokers. What a deal, a lisence to rape and pillage these poor uneducated fools who are more than willing to sign their lifes away. Surely these people either didn’t finish elementary school or else they had no intention of making their mortgage payments or just simply never gave it a second thought that their accounts payable were much more than their accounts receivable.

Well guess what? Judgement day has finally come. All the cheating, lying, corrupt politicians, wall street scum and investment bankers that have been rolling in the dough and living the high life are belly up and now the government wants us (the ones that have scrimped, sacrificed, done without and paid our bills to BAILOUT the investment bankers, stupid homeowners and Cadillac drivers!

I’m pretty sure the taxpayers were against this BAILOUT and let their congressmen and senators know where they stood. But did they listen? NO! They went straight ahead with this idiotic idea, against the taxpayers wishes. I guess I thought that our congressmen and senators were elected to represent our best interest and wishes, evidently I’m mistaken, since they just do as they wish!

Now our government is just throwing our money into a bottomless pit, borrowing money to get out of debt. NEWS FLASH: it’s not going to work!

I say these crooks liers and thiefs from Washington on down need to be held accountable for their actions of destroying the lives and livelihood of millions of hard working honest tax payers. I have no pity for foolish individuals who cannot manage their finances and bought homes they could not afford. How can these people ever learn a lesson if we bail them out. There comes a time when the wrong have to face the music and take their medicine!

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