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Fed’s Answer…Consumer Spending

Posted by burtf51 on November 26, 2008

Consumer’s are finally waking up and facing the reality that they have been over spending. It’s high time consumer’s realize that you can’t spend what you don’t have or borrow what you are not capable of repaying. 

The irony of what our Federal Government is trying to accomplish with the trillions of our tax dollars they are injecting into the banks is to encourage consumer’s to get even more in debt. The reality is that consumer’s have finally come to terms that they are spending more than they earn. 

I just hope that the general population doesn’t fall back into the same old spending habits or trust the government (who can’t manage their own finances) to council consumers on their fiscal responsibilities. The government will drive consumer’s into bankruptcy. 

Everything is going up and taxpayer’s pay remains the same. Wages aren’t keeping up with the inflated prices of goods and commodities. Who stands to benefit from more consumer spending? BANKS! Who will suffer? Consumers! So what we have here is a vicious cycle. The banks at the governments encouragement has made trillions of dollars in bad loans. Then the banks pocketed ungodly profits from the over-extended consumer via high interest on bad loans. The banks bilked the system dry, consumers defaulted on loans and credit card debt and an economic meltdown in the banking system occured.

OK, first the consumer made bad financial decisions, the banks profited from these bad consumer decisions for awhile then collasped. Next, the government jumps in and says oh shit! Let’s take the taxpayers money and Bailout the banks that screwed the taxpayers. Now lets encourage the banks to start lending money back to consumers that bailed them out who still can’t afford to get deeper in debt. Something just don’t add up here!

The consumer crashed and burned over too much debt resulting in the banks demise, then the government puts the taxpayers even more in debt with a bank bailout and has the odacity to encourage the consumer to drive the last nail in their coffin by borrowing even more money from the banks. EARTH TO PEOPLE! Now hear this…..We From The Government and We’re Here To Help You! 

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. This is not rocket science! If you make $30K yearly, you can’t spend $40K yearly. Do I need to make it simpler? If you bring home 3 thousand dollars a month, your bills can’t be $4 thousand a month contrary to what the government is promoting.

People this is a conspiracy by Wealthy Businessmen (Federal Reserve) who control the world backed by our government to restore the economy so they can start the screwing process over once again. There’s an old saying..”You got to spend money to make money”. This is exactly what our government is doing…They are spending our money in an efford to enable the wealthy businessmen to make more money than they spend.

Bottom line…be responsible for your finances and you gain control of your life. Fall for the bullshit our government is spewing out and wants you to believe and be a slave to the system! THE CHOICE IS YOURS!


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This Is Getting Good Folks

Posted by burtf51 on November 23, 2008

Just please make up your mind! When this whole Bailout bill was enacted, the idea was to buy up the bad mortgages and help the irresponsible homeowners in despair. Then Paulson instead gives the money to banks. Then Paulson made a speech saying they had reconsidered their views and weren’t going to take over the toxic assets. Now as of this weekend, the treasury is fevershily putting together a plan to Bailout the Toxic Assets of Citigroup. 

Gosh, I’m confused…yes we are, no we’re not, well maybe we will, absolutely not, probably so, OH CRAP! 

Bottom line, as long as the idiots in our government keep stoking the fire that the economy is doomed unless they pour a gazillion dollars into banks, panic in the market will escalate. If the news channels stop covering the economic doom and gloom and the two idiots Bush and Paulson aren’t allowed to spew forth their nonsense bullshit on television the markets will stabilize.

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A Billion Here, A Billion There

Posted by burtf51 on November 23, 2008

I can remember when a million dollars sounded like a lot of money. Now with our government throwing around Billions like there’s no tomorrow (now there’s a thought) the word Billion is used with great complacency. Somehow a Billion Dollars doesn’t sound like that much (sic) hell why not step up the game to Trillions or Gazillions (even better).

Citigroup….hmmm….let’s see…we just gave them 25Billion and now their stock is below $5 a share, they are tettering on going down like the Titantic, with a loss of 300,000 jobs. Wonder who thought $25 Billion was enough to prop up this giant. Why don’t they just give Citibank a Trillion dollars. Hell if you gonna do something, do it right…go all out.

Obama’s pick for Treasury Secretary…Jim Geithner! WOW! The market explodes like a rocket ship! I guess just the though of Geithner remaining at the helm of the MONEY MACHINE brought great joy to banks and businesses standing in the welfare line. After all Geithner has been working hand in hand, working with Paulson and Bernanke develope an ingenious BAILOUT plan to save our economy. 

Obama’s economic plan…Barack is in the process of putting together cabinet appointees that are the greatest minds in Washington. The captain and his economic dream team are working feverishly to develop an economic plan that will restore our economy and create millions of jobs and prosperity for all. All this and more without the taxpayers seeing their taxes increase a single penny. This guy is truely a genius! How is he going to do it? 

Some would question Obama’s cabinet picks, posing the question of…..eruh…Where the hell were these brilliant politicians and what the hell were they doing to recgonize that (Houston, we have a problem)! Uh, what are the job responsibilities for the President of the New York Federal Reserve? Here we have Paulson, Bernanke and Geithner…you would think these people in high financial positions would have insight and be qualified to recognize that a economic collaspe was brewing. But do not question this, because they are now capable and more than qualified in their expertise and experience to fix this little problem. Futher more, the government doesn’t have the money to give Billions and Trillions and Gazillions, taxes aren’t going up, so I guess Obama and his cabinet will just MINT the money.  I just hope our new Government can afford to buy up a whole lot of printing INK.

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America Voted

Posted by burtf51 on November 5, 2008

There’s an old saying “Be careful what you wish for, because it may just come true”. Well the majority of voters think Obama is going to be the answer to all their problems and concerns. This is going to be very interesting. I’ve got a feeling there is going to be a lot of I told you so’s coming from the other side before all is said and done. 

Batton down the hatches America and your pocketbooks. Promises cost money and I don’t think 5% of the taxpayers will be enough to Foot The Bill Of Promises. 95% of taxpayers will see no increase in their taxes! We’ll see soon enough.

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It’s Almost Over and The Winner is ME

Posted by burtf51 on November 4, 2008

and……I’m a winner either way it goes…..Yeaaaaaaa! Maybe now everyone can turn their focus towards something we can control.

If McCain wins, our the economy will be restored (so he says) and business will flourish and that will be good for me.

If Obama wins, I’ll get free health care and a welfare check and I can quit my job and live off the government.

Anyone know where I can get a welfare application?

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McCain & Obama…Who Should Be President

Posted by burtf51 on November 2, 2008

My opinion and 50 cents will get you a cup of cheap coffee. But back to the question…Who would be the best choice for President of the United States? “Clown’s to the left of me, Joker’s to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you”.

Political pundits on both sides will have you believe their candidate offers the best solutions that represent the best interest of American’s. I say this is all a bunch of hogwash! If it weren’t for the economic meltdown we would be faced with judging each Presidential Candidate on the basic platforms of each party.

The economic crisis gives us an indication of the Presidential candidates competency to lead our government. Considering that both McCain and Obama voted for the bailout, this tells me that neither candidate is capable of balancing their checkbooks, let alone balancing the budget.

So we start with Paulson’s 3 page solution to the economic crisis and then it get’s sent to the Senate and 451 pages later, we have an ingenous well thought out bailout….eruh…I mean an “Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008”. Hmmm, I have to admit…the latter name sounds much better than Bailout. I wouldn’t be surprised if either McCain or Obama had the time to actually read or examine the feasibility of this rushed plan of action, considering the fact that both were so preoccupied with their political careers! Nevertheless, both were eager to show the voters that they could step up to the plate on something so seriously effecting the nation and the world. Hey, it shows great leadership capability!

So why does both candidates YES vote to the bailout mean so much in terms of who’s qualified to become our next President?  Simple….Both McCain and Obama demonstrate their lack of leadership and reasoning by supporting a rushed feeble attempt by our government to repair, by it’s own doings, the collaspe of our economic stability and structure.

George W. Bush comes on television and lied about the root cause of the economic meltdown and tells us that we have no choice but to come to the aid of our failing economy in the form of a taxpayer bailout. That’s right…a taxpayer’s bailout. The government ain’t got no money to bailout their mistake. The corrupt politicians that have had their pockets stuffed with cash from lobbist that represent big business and Wall Street plus imcompetent CEO’s, investment bankers and mortgage companies are the only ones that will benefit from a bailout. Meanwhile the taxpayers suffer and foot the bill. and…and…and…yet…ole John and Barack voted YES TO THE BAILOUT!

Do you honestly think either of these candidates has your best interest in mind? I Think Not!

I am so sick and offended of hearing McCain and Obama talk to us like we’re children. People, let me tell you…these two (John Sidney McCain and Barack Hussein Obama)are Profe$$ional Politicians who have but one goal in mind……….POWER! and…..Not To The People!

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Liars, Cheats, Thieves & Profundicators Of The Truth

Posted by burtf51 on November 2, 2008

Are the powers that be really as stupid as they appear to be? All our so-called brilliant economist and political figures have one thing in common…..they’re all IDIOTS! Night after night as I flip through the news channels, I am totally amazed at the expert guest and commentators arguing over economic issues. 

I listened to Bernanke the other night explaining the cause and effect of the housing crisis. How can someone talk for 30 minutes and say nothing. The more I listened the more my brain acked. Bernanke needs a job with the CIA. If a terrorist had to listen to Bernanke for 30 minutes, he would beg for mercy…Just please SHUT-UP…I’ll tell you anything you want to know!

Now all I know is….someone is lying, someone is cheating, someone is thieving and the truth is being profundicated!

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Running On Empty

Posted by burtf51 on October 31, 2008

Didn’t Chrysler just face a meltdown a few years back? Chrysler has been going down the drain for quite awhile. Chrysler to the automotive industry is comparitive to what 8-tracks are to audio. Now GM wants to merge with Chrysler! This would be like a terminally ill person taking strychnine. Lets face it, to say GM has done a very poor job meeting the demands of consumers in the automotive market is an understatement. While GM is spending million developing their new muscle car (Camaro) foreign  auto makers are eating their lunch.

Just how many failed institutions and industries can the government bailout because of poor management? The government can’t keep giving borrowed money to mismanaged banks and businesses, with a philosophy of “The hell with the mule, just load the cart”. 

The days of America being defined as “Baseball, Apple Pie and Chevrolet” have given way to “Greed, Corruption and Illegal Aliens”

Our government is setting a great example in “spending what you don’t have”. The powers that be want the banks to start back making loans and encouraging more people to borrow money they can’t pay back. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that what got people into the shape they’re in. CHARGE IT BABY! Why does no one accept any fiscal responsibility?

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Feds Investigate Who To Blame For Credit Crisis

Posted by burtf51 on October 30, 2008

This should be interesting! Congress is pressing an investigation into who’s to blame for the economic credit crisis. I guess this is actually a brilliant idea. Maybe they can divert the attention from the real perpetrators to the ones that were merely pawns in the conspiracy. 

What a novel idea….let the crooks investigate the crime!

What I’d like to know…Who’s going to investigate the investigators?

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Economic Rescue Not Working

Posted by burtf51 on October 27, 2008

Does anyone really understand the working of the economic rescue package? I know the government told us that it was imperative that we bailout…eruh..I mean come to the rescue of our failing economy. Ninety per-cent of the voters didn’t like the idea, but still our congressmen and senators decided that it really didn’t matter whether we liked it or not, they would go ahead with plans to bailout incompetence.

The billions are being dispersed and maybe I missed it…but..I have yet to see where the bailout money is having any effect on the economy. With the exception of the portions of the bailout money that is being given to CEO’s salaries. I guess this money is stimulating and supporting the CEO’s lavish lifestyles. Let’s see..the investment bankers and Wall Street titans have raped Americans and our government is still rewarding incompetence with bailout money.

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Where’s The Money Coming From

Posted by burtf51 on October 16, 2008

Let me say this again “You can’t borrow yourself out of debt”! And this is exactly what our government with their not so brilliant thinkers are trying to do! Hell we’ll just print some more money and buy up all the bad debt we created. Crap we got to cover our butts some kind of way and take the focus off our greed and incompetence. What just blows my mind is why people are not rioting about this whole issue.

Our government created this problem!…is no one holding them accountable? The government has the audacity to make us bail out their ass! And on top of it, after they’ve screwed us one time, they gonna take some more of our hard earned money (to try and fix their mess) and screw us again. HELLOOOOOOOOOOO People! Wake Up! Idiots by the millions are screaming and chanting their candidates name because each candidate is making all these empty promises.

Where do you think Obama and McCain were while all this was happening? Well? For crying out loud, THEY WERE IN BED WITH THE REST OF THE CROOKS THAT CAUSED THIS MELTDOWN!!!

Obama and McCain will have you believe they are going to create millions of jobs, stimulate the economy, prosperity for all, give us all some money, provide health insurance, not raise taxes, fix all the mortgage mess, bailout all the corrupt institutions and homeowners that borrowed and bought homes and cars and whatever else they couldn’t afford to pay for, tax breaks, tax breaks and more tax breaks and also fight a war on terrorism. I’m sure there’s many many more promises I’ve forgotten, but those will do for now. Hmmmm, Where’s The Money Coming From? Couldn’t come from taxes cause everyone is going to get a tax break. Not industry because every item in any store is Made In China. I know…..the government will simply just print some more money! Heck, if they keep printing money like there’s no tomorrow maybe (Real Soon) the value of the Dollar will be a Penny!

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Blind Faith

Posted by burtf51 on October 14, 2008

If I don’t stop following election threads on the internet, I swear I’m going to have a heart attack. I have never in my life seen people have such blind faith in words. Barack Hussein Obama supporters are so naive it is frightening to think that people can put so much trust and faith into someone’s words. It is eerily reminiscent of the followers of Jim Jones.

The irony of Obama followers is “if you are not an Obama supporter, you are a racist”! What sort of spell has “that one” cast on these mindless followers. What kind of proof do Obamanites have that everything he says is the gospel. Blind Faith in empty words.

I don’t have much if any faith in what a politician promises. Have you ever heard a politician get up and say “If elected I promise that I will do as little as possible. Also, I will take money from special interest groups and lobbyist in consideration of my vote on a bill that favors their interest. In other words my friends, I will not represent your best interest if elected”. Well of course you’ve never heard a politician say that! Because they would be telling the truth and everyone knows that the truth don’t win elections. So, the politicians spew off all the good sounding crap that they think stupid mindless voters want to hear. They talk pretty and on a kindergarten level…….

“If elected, I will see to it that everyone gets free ice cream and treats everyday, also their will be no schoolwork, no homework and we’ll have recess all day so everyone can play games. The world will be a garden of eden under my power. Man will have no need for money because I will furnish everything a person could ever want. If I’m elected, Life will be a carnival”! Cool man, I’m in! The pathetic thing about this ridiculous stump parody is the fact that so many “blind faith” followers buy into bullcrap just as ludicrous!

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Party Loyalist Led to Slaughter

Posted by burtf51 on October 10, 2008

I’ve been following the Election 2008 on Twitter. I’m here to tell you folks, this is scarey! Party loyalist are at each others throats like mad dogs. There is a feeding frenzy of party hatred. 

This makes me want to scream…WAKE UP PEOPLE…IT DOSEN’T MATTER WHO GETS ELECTED…GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM NOT THE SOLUTION! Our government has totally destroyed the worlds economy. Party politics and party bickering leads to no solutions. Party loyalist on both sides are like sheep being led to slaughter. If you think your party represents your best interest you are foolishly and blindly mistaken. Elected Congessmen and Senators no longer represent the wishes of the people. Politicians will promise you the moon to get elected. If we’re to believe all the garbage politicians have spewed out, we would be living in Paradise as opposed to the  conditions of today’s world! What happened to all the promises every politician has preached before each election?

If you be honest, you were probably against the bailout. Our government created this economic mess and spread it worldwide and it blew up in their (our) face and now they expect the citizens of America to trust the government to solve the very problem that they (the government) created. Sure, let’s make The Fox The Head of Security Over The Henhouse.

Party loyalist need to stop pointing fingers and placing the blame on the other party. Once again, WAKE UP PEOPLE, this has been building up for a long time and both, let me say that again…BOTH parties are to blame! If we don’t stand up as citizens and take back our country from the corrupt politicians we are ALL DOOMED TO LIVE IN A SOCIALIZED COUNTRY!

I  truly believe that most Americans want moral values restored, to live in a safe neighborhood where we don’t have to fear some sick pervert harming our children, do an honest days work for an honest days pay, worship GOD, insure that our children recieve an education that is not infused with fanatic liberal teachers pushing their social non-values on our children, be given a chance to prosper and live with honesty and integrity.

My friends we are living in a sick, sick, screwed up world. Our government is broken, the news media is totally biased towards far left liberals and their way of thinking, the Hollywood Stars are political experts, the so called conservative politicians are lining their pockets with gold, television and movies aren’t fit to watch, music promoting crime and violence, people sexually abusing children, abducting children, open homosexuality and lesbianism, baby killers, on and on and the sick socially, politically correct look at us like we’re freaks! My friend, these people are taking over our country and we are sitting back taking it.

It’s time independent thinking citizens stood up and say No More! I don’t know what the answer is but Dr King accomplished what many thought couldn’t be done by bringing the beast of the problem to the forefront. We as American citizens shouldn’t be afraid or ashame of standing up for our morals and values. Give me back my country! Are we going to let 1/3 of our country’s politically incorrect population  bring down the two-thirds that are morally conservative. You wanna get some attention…then how about a multitude of millions marching on Washington.

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Bernie Madoff

Posted by burtf51 on December 12, 2008

Boy it just keeps getting better! Corruption and more corruption. So now they’ve nabbed ole Bernie Madoff or rather Bernie Made-Off with Billions. The Ponzi scheme is “all a big lie” according to Madoff.

This should get interesting when the whole truth surfaces. Who knows, the scheme may get a new name…The Made-Off Scheme.

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